Building Soccer Bridges

Working in developing countries, Building Soccer Bridges has empowered tens of thousands of children to make positive contributions to their communities by using soccer as a tool to build their leadership skills and self-confidence. 

The generous support of Goldman Sachs Gives, along with many individual supporters, allows Round Star Foundation to partner annually with United States-Africa Children’s Fellowship (USACF) and Super Soccer Stars to bring the joy of soccer directly to unprivileged children in Africa. We currently serve the grassroots soccer education community in the economically depleted, rural district of Matabeleland, Zimbabwe.

How Building Soccer Bridges works:

Each year, Round Star Foundation sends a delegation of soccer coaches to Zimbabwe to work with local school teachers, educators and community leaders to share Super Soccer Stars' model of delivering fun, engaging, soccer classes while, at the same time, providing leadership training to hundreds of school children of all ages.

This week-long course includes soccer clinics, adult education and leadership training seminars. Each year, this program allows school teachers in rural areas in Zimbabwe to obtain their Level I and II ZIFA-accredited (Zimbabwe Football Association) Coaching Licenses. Throughout the years, this program has ensured that over 50,000 children have access to organized soccer programming right at their local school.

Round Star Foundation held our sixth annual Building Soccer Bridges program in July 2017 where we doubled the program in size, certifying 52 teachers, which will impact 24,000 school children in the current school year!

Click here to see Building Soccer Bridges 2017 newsletter. 

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other Initiatives:

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